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North Shore EcoTours

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Are you ready to get off the beaten path and view the North Shore from a completely different perspective? Take in spectacular views, witness rare Hawaiian plants, and explore lush 4x4 and hiking trails all without the noisy crowds of Waikīkī. Sound too good to be true? Itʻs not…itʻs North Shore EcoTours!

North Shore EcoTours represents the best in nature and Hawaiian cultural tours. Our tours access private property to bring you unspoiled scenery and an exclusive experience on Oʻahu’s North Shore. As our guest, you will enjoy the experience of a Native Hawaiian company that’s 100% local. Our guests will gain tremendous insight into the cultural traditions of Hawaiʻi from real cultural practitioners and experts. So whether you decide to hike or off-road, your day with North Shore EcoTours will be an Adventure you will not soon forget! But don’t take our word for it...come and see for yourself. No laila, e hele mai~ Join us, and get ready to experience the true O'ahu...


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