Why North Shore EcoTours?

North Shore Eco Tours / Why North Shore EcoTours?

The following is the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth…so help me Akua.


Since we operate on private property no other company can show you O’ahu (Oahu) nature like us. We guarantee all guests a secluded and truly unique experience. Private property also means controlled access which results in minimal environmental impact and therefore pristine natural landscapes. The bottom line is that no other company can provide what North Shore EcoTours can.

How does North Shore EcoTours differ from the rest?

Most companies visit places and trails that are already accessible to the public, such as Diamond Head or Manoa Falls, resulting in an experience that is available to everyone. It also means greater foot traffic, which translates to noise pollution and lots of trash. With North Shore EcoTours, you are guaranteed an experience that no one else can offer and a promise that your special tour belongs to you and only you.

Authentic Experience.

Our “guides” are not the typical tour guides found within the tourism industry. North Shore EcoTours features cultural practitioners, Native Hawaiians, and Hawaiian educators that present Hawaiian history and environment from a “Native perspective.” Our alakaʻi (guides) posses a wide range of talent, skill, and cultural understanding. Many hold advanced degrees in either Hawaiian studies or related disciplines. Others are cultural practitioners with expertise ranging from hula (dance) to lomilomi (massage) to lā’au lapa’au (medicinal herbs), and more. All guides are 100% local and collectively provide the highest quality and most authentic cultural information in the industry. This is as real as it gets!

How does North Shore EcoTours differ from the rest?

Many tour companies have guides that are well trained in history and “tourism facts.” Although highly knowledgeable, many are not Native Hawaiian or have no roots to O’ahu (Oahu) or any island. As a result, other companies cannot guarantee authentic cultural experiences. North Shore EcoTours proudly features Hawaiian guides for “Hawaiian tours.”

Wheels that Rock!

Say Aloha to a beast of an off-road vehicle that makes other 4x4s look like child’s play – the world renown Pinzgauer ATV is arguably the best off-road vehicle ever produced. Ours come directly out of the Swiss Military arsenal so you know they are rugged and have proven themselves in some of the most treacherous mountain terrain around. These open aired “Hawaiian safari mobiles” will turn your North Shore visit into an exciting outdoor expedition! The Pinzgauer is in a class by itself and will guarantee all guests ultimate views and ultimate fun!

How does North Shore EcoTours differ from the rest?

Most companies utilize vans or mini busses that provide an enclosed air conditioned ride. That’s nice and all, but they can’t go where the Pinzgauer can. Furthermore, when traversing nature and the great outdoors, an open air all-terrain safari vehicle is really the only way to go!

Small Groups.

Intimate groups promote safety and learning, which means an overall richer experience for everyone. They help foster a wonderful learning environment where guests can hear the information and participate in discussions. Smaller groups are also more effectively managed and thus ensure a safer hiking experience. And let’s not forget that less feet means less environmental impact, ensuring pristine conditions for nature seekers today and generations to come. In this case, “less is definitely more.”

How does North Shore EcoTours differ from the rest?

Due to the size of many tour operations, other companies are unable to offer the same level of service, safety, quality of information, and environmental care.

The Specialists!

We do not claim to “know it all” we specialize in one geographic location and only one, Waiʻalua (North Shore), Oʻahu (Oahu). We therefore offer the most in-depth and highest quality information on the cultural traditions, history, and natural environment of the North Shore area.

How does North Shore EcoTours differ from the rest?

Many companies expand their tour operations to encompass the entire island. Visitors therefore receive a “LITTLE of everything” and most times never get a true sense of the places they visit. Since Oahu’s North Shore community, culture, history, and environment is our main focus, with North Shore EcoTours, you get insight into a special place that canʻt be found anywhere else.


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North Shore Eco Tours will help you gain tremendous insight into the cultural traditions of Hawaiʻi from alaka'i (guides) who are actually Hawaiian educators and/or cultural practitioners.