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North Shore Eco Tours / Our Mission

North Shore EcoTours, strives to preserve the cultural integrity of O’ahu’s natural resources by creating fun and engaging educational tours for our guests.  We promote ‘āina (environmental) appreciation; respect for ‘ike Hawai’i (Hawaiian knowledge), sustainable communities, and healthy lifestyles.  Our goal is to ho’omana lāhui (empower the nation) by contributing to the local economy, promoting healthy living, and strengthening cultural identity.  We believe in: E ola pono, e ola nō (lit. live complete, live well).

Our Philosophy

The Hawaiian Islands are known throughout the world for its tropical beaches, powerful surf, sweet pineapple, and exotic Polynesian culture. Although none of these are false Hawaiian notions, they barely scratch the surface of what makes Hawai’i special. For the Native Hawaiian population and many locals who call Hawai’i their home, Hawai’i’s uniqueness actually lies in ‘āina (land).

‘Āina is a wonder. From an ecological standpoint, the unique characteristics of Hawai’i’s natural environment is considered a scientific marvel. For the Native Hawaiian, ‘āina represents the source of cultural beliefs, artistic expression, values and more. And even though the islands are well known today, we at North Shore EcoTours believe that many still fail to truly “know” Hawai’i.

North Shore EcoTours represents a pu’uhonua (refuge) where people can relax, take in O’ahu’s (Oahu’s) natural beauty, and truly experience “Hawai’i.” We are Hawaiian educators and cultural practitioners. The ‘ike (knowledge) we share and the practices we show are a part of our daily lives. At North Shore EcoTours we believe that the portrayal of Hawaiian culture doesnʻt need to be modified in order for it to be appealing, e.g. cheesy lūʻaus, Sāmoan fire knife dancing, coconut bra Tahitian dancers, etc. We want to share the “natural beauty” of Native Hawaiian culture, unadulterated and pure, which is very different from what is often promoted.

Therefore, allow us at North Shore EcoTours to introduce you to a truly unique side of O’ahu (Oahu). We guarantee that our guests will walk away with a new appreciation for O’ahu (Oahu) beauty and Native Hawaiian culture. Aloha nō.


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North Shore Eco Tours will help you gain tremendous insight into the cultural traditions of Hawaiʻi from alaka'i (guides) who are actually Hawaiian educators and/or cultural practitioners.