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Nohea is a Native Hawaiian born and raised in Paukauila, Waialua, a place locals commonly refer to as “Long Bridge.”  In 2007, she graduated from Leilehua High School and was immediately accepted into the College Opportunities Program at the University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa.  Nohea became a rigorous student of traditional Hawaiian culture by entering the ‘Ike Hawai‘i (Hawaiian Studies) program at the university and joining the renowned hula school, Hālau Nā Mamo o Pu‘uanahulu.  After many years of hard work, Nohea finally obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Hawaiian Studies in May of 2012.

Building upon her passion for community well-being, Nohea also dedicated her time to serving the island community.  Over the past five years, she has spent numerous hours volunteering for such organizations and programs as: North Shore EcoTours, O‘ahu Army Natural Resources Program, Nā Pua No‘eau, Hui Aloha ‘Āina Tuahine, Huli Honua, Kaho‘olawe Island Reserve Commission, and a geo-science program called Ka ‘Imi ‘Ike.  Through her experience with these programs, Nohea has developed a deeper sense of kuleana (responsibility) for her culture and community.

In 2010, Nohea participated, for the first time, in the prestigious Merrie Monarch Hula Festival.  The mele kahiko (ancient chant/dance) she performed was called “Loke o Waialua”, a composition that speaks of the last reigning monarch, Queen Lili‘uokalani, and her connection to Waialua.  For Nohea it was the perfect Merrie Monarch experience as it provided her the opportunity to honor both her Mō‘ī Wahine (Queen) and beloved home.  However, it was also a bitter-sweet moment because the following month her family moved away from Long Bridge.  From that time, Nohea had made the conscious decision to dedicate herself to learning more about Waialua so that one day she could return and teach others about the extraordinary traditions of her homeland!

Nohea’s greatest desire is to inspire both young and old to: preserve and perpetuate the stories of their one hānau (homeland); work with each other and help one another; and most importantly, to care for the ‘āina (land) that cares for us.  Her knowledge of Hawaiian culture and personal mission to care for Waialua’s community and lands makes Nohea a wonderful addition to our team and a true asset to North Shore EcoTours!


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