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The Pinzgauer

This high mobility all-terrain vehicle is quite simply…amazing! Yet despite its legendary off-road capabilities and the fact that it has been around for decades, perhaps even more amazing is that very few people in the U.S. are even aware of its existence!


Considered by many to be the best off-road vehicle ever produced, surpassing even the Hummer in maneuverability and reliability tests, the Pinzgauer is designed to excel in the most extreme conditions on earth. The first generation Pinzgauers are the product of Austrian company Steyer-Daimler-Puch. They are aptly named after a hearty breed of Austrian work horse renowned for its exceptional mountain climbing ability. The Pinzgauer is also notorious for its quality craftsmanship. With only 1,300 vehicles produced each year (1971-1985; 18,349 vehicles total), these are essentially hand-made, low production, high quality machines. As a result, despite its high sticker price, it has become the vehicle of choice for many militaries around the world.


Today, second generation Pinzgauers are made by the British and have
replaced many of the older models in military use. With militaries such as the Swiss selling off first generation Pinzgauers, these once exclusive military ATVs have now become the jewel of the off-road enthusiast world. Standard features and technology available in the first generation Pinzgauers are considered advanced even by todayʻs standards. They sport: full independent suspension for smoother ride both on and off road; front and rear lockers for true 4-wheel drive that can be engaged on the fly; air-cooled engines for greater reliability and lighter overall weight; portal axles for maximum ground clearance (13.9 in. at lowest point); a departure angle of 45 degrees for both front and rear; a water fording depth of 2.5 feet without a snorkel kit; and the list goes on and on.

With only an estimated 4,500 first generation Pinzgauers in the U.S. today, they are quite rare indeed. And since most European stockpiles are now depleted, it has become increasingly difficult to acquire one. Therefore, to find a Pinzgauer in Hawai’i is no doubt “Super-Duper Cool” but to actually have the chance to ride one with the backdrop of tropical mountains and blue seas…well, it just doesnʻt get any better than that.

So come, check us out, and be prepared to have a whole “lotta fun” – North Shore EcoTour style!


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