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Keoki was born in the bustling plantation town of ‘Aiea, O’ahu (Oahu), headquarters of legendary sugar producer, C&H Sugar.  A product of Hawai’i’s massive sugar and pineapple industry, Keoki was immersed in an exciting atmosphere of multi-ethnic culture, values, and food.  Under his grandfather’s tutelage Keoki learned to incorporate the flavors of his youth into his culinary creations of today.

Keoki’s achievements are as colorful as his personality.  Upon graduation from St. Damien High School he moved to the Big Apple to study dance at New York’s Broadway Dance Studio.  Keoki’s relationship with dance is almost as passionate as his relationship with cooking.  From performing at football half-time shows to instructing jazz routines at aerobic studios to competing on the prestigious Merrie Monarch Hula stage, Keoki has maintained his great love for dance throughout his life.

Keoki’s magnetism can be attributed to his affable nature and comical personality.  He is a genuine “people person” and during a career that spans the airlines, cruise ship, and restaurant industries, Keoki has entertained, served, and cared for thousands over the years.  Most recently, Chef Keoki had the honor to cook for President Obama during one of his recent trips home to the islands.

Building upon a culinary foundation established by his grandfather, Keoki graduated as a chef from the respectable Gros Bonnet Culinary Academy.  Since then he has worked as a Saucier and Sous Chef for many fine Honolulu restaurants.  Chef Keoki’s humorous personality, plantation roots, and most of all Aloha are always present in his culinary creations.  As Head Chef for Indigo’s catering department, Chef Keoki does not only posses the tools and talent to meet the unique demands of “outdoor cuisine”, but the ability to make a “sack lunch” taste out-of-this-world!  Your taste buds will think they were in a fine dining restaurant!  Prepare to be delightfully surprised with a culinary experience that remains unsurpassed by any other tour operation on the island – Bon Appétit!


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North Shore Eco Tours will help you gain tremendous insight into the cultural traditions of Hawaiʻi from alaka'i (guides) who are actually Hawaiian educators and/or cultural practitioners.