Myths & Legends

Pua’a Maiki – “The Piglet”

The Punahou Spring

There was a dry time on O’ahu. No rain fell, streams dried, and many springs ceased to flow. It was a hungry time, for gardens too were dry. In Manoa Valley at the foot of Rocky Hill lived an old couple. This dry time was very hard for these old folks. Mukaka, the husband, must […]

When the Ocean Covered Hawai’i

There was a time when men forgot the gods. They did not pray when planting kalo and sweet potatoes or give thanks when they gathered the vegetables for food. They did not pray before fishing or make thankful offering when the canoes returned well-filled with fish. The walls of every heiau were broken, and no […]

Na Akua ~ Hawaiian Gods

Hawaiians are a deeply spiritual people.  Their inspiration and mana (spiritual power, energy, and life force) come from the powerful forces of their natural world.  This world was immense.  It stretched beyond the eight main Hawaiian Islands and encompassed Kahiki, Aōtearoa, Te Pito o te Henua and everything in-between.  It spanned the breadth of earth’s largest […]

Maui discovers the origin of fire

Very long ago the people of Hawai’i knew fire. Lava flowing down a mountainside set trees and plants aflame. After the flames died down men sometimes found roasted breadfruit or bananas. Cautiously, they tasted. Oh, how good! After that they tried to get and keep the fire. Men found they could light a stick at […]


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