‘Aina ~ Nature

Huaka’i ‘Iki – “Little Adventure”

Pua’a Maiki – “The Piglet”

Huaka’i Nui – “Big Adventure”

North Shore of Oʻahu Hawaiʻi Eco Tours and adventures with North Shore Eco Tours

‘Ikena Hale’iwa- “Hale’iwa Vistas”

Planting Ma’ohauhele (Native Hibiscus)

The Hawaiian Islands:

Hawaiʻi is well known around the world as a tropical paradise of surf, sun, and hula, but how true is that perception?  Is Hawaiʻi really a group of idyllic islands with a temperate climate, constant trade winds, and stunning white sand beaches?  The short answer to that question is yes.  The Hawaiian archipelago boasts tremendous […]

Maui discovers the origin of fire

Very long ago the people of Hawai’i knew fire. Lava flowing down a mountainside set trees and plants aflame. After the flames died down men sometimes found roasted breadfruit or bananas. Cautiously, they tasted. Oh, how good! After that they tried to get and keep the fire. Men found they could light a stick at […]


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North Shore Eco Tours will help you gain tremendous insight into the cultural traditions of Hawaiʻi from alaka'i (guides) who are actually Hawaiian educators and/or cultural practitioners.