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What a great afternoon we had. You were the best tour guide we could have ever asked for. What a great trip. Thanks so much for making it an excellent afternoon. It was a real pleasure learning about the school, the land – we felt like that was a true Hawaiian experience. We feel like we met a couple true Hawaiians when we met you guys.
John Ryan, AZ

Spent New Year's Day in one of the most beautiful valleys on Oahu. Strawberry guavas line much of the trail, which make for great snacking along the way. You'll be crossing a "national geographic" like stream many times before reaching your final destination where lies a large freshwater pool for swimming in. Make sure to wear one of your junky pair of shoes though, because much of the trail is damp and wet. Best part is,...your trusted guide will entertain you with many stories in Hawaiiana, which makes for a very unique experience.
Kimberly Hummel Ryan , Manoa, O'ahu, Hawai'i

During the week of Thanksgiving 2012, 50 of us met in Hawai'i for a 50th wedding anniversary. The group did all kinds of things, but by far the most enjoyed and talked about activity was of the 8 of us (ages 10-46) that went on the off-road EcoTour. We now tell everyone that they MUST do it when on Oahu. You, too, should go!
Steve F., Rochester Hills, MI

Loved this tour! The two of us headed out on the "Piglet" with Keola, who was just a super guide! He knew EVERYTHING about Hawaiian culture, history, agriculture, and was very open and willing to share it. We were so impressed with his knowledge that near the end of the tour we asked him if this was his full-time job. No, he said, his full-time job is at the University of Hawaii where he's an instructor in Hawaiian Studies! No wonder he knew so much. We loved his tour, and we loved the Piglet. We learned more from him than we could possibly remember - so we'll be back! Thanks so much.
MaryAlice Ridgway, Pendleton, Oregon

Good fun! First time ever, very educational and can't wait to visit again and learn more. Mahalo nui loa.
Peleke Flores, 'Opae 'Ula, Kawai nui, Kawai iki

Learning about this special part of Waialua was a wonderful experience. Seeing the agricultural land being used by the hydroponics farm was inspiring, and seeing the rest of the land and how it is being renewed made me hopeful that more people will rise to the challenge to care for the area. The hike into the valley was a great one, although tiring at times. Getting a chance to take a swim was helpful. 🙂 Although we have lost much by way of native plants and animals in the area, knowing that people continue to hike in and care for the area is nice. Our guide was very knowledgeable and helpful, making sure that we were all safe and comfortable as we learned and had fun. It was a wonderful day, and I canʻt wait to go back!
Winona Farias

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North Shore Eco Tours will help you gain tremendous insight into the cultural traditions of Hawaiʻi from alaka'i (guides) who are actually Hawaiian educators and/or cultural practitioners.